[07-Feb-23] Surprising correlation ...

World's Most Admired Companies and Tech Layoffs of the 2020s


When you compare the FORTUNE 2023 list with the Tech Layoffs since 2020, you will see a lot of same names (e.g. Amazon, Microsoft, Alphabet/Google and Salesforce), but why?

"The biggest tech companies may be facing relatively tough times, but the 25th edition of the Fortune World’s Most Admired Companies All-Stars list suggests that the giants’ peers respect them as much as ever. For the 16th consecutive year, Apple finishes first in our annual ranking of corporate reputation, based on a poll of some 3,700 corporate executives, directors, and analysts. Amazon and Microsoft tied for second."

People deciding about layoffs or analysts estimating the impact of these decisions at the stock market might have a different opinion/perspective than the employees, who have to look for a new job shortly, for sure. The further growing "War for Talent" will help them to find alternatives quickly, and with the large number of Baby Boomers retiring in the coming month and years, even better.

"Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never — in nothing, great or small, large or petty — never give in, except to convictions of honor and good sense." -- Winston Churchill at Harrow School, 1941

The reference to Churchill was on the last page in the HOW THE MIGHTY FALL book that I finished today, just to explain :-)

  • What Is Weisbord’s Six Box Model? Weisbord’s Six Box Model In A Nutshell

  • Google’s new Bard AI may be powerful enough to make ChatGPT worry — and it’s already here

  • Baidu to finish testing ChatGPT-style project 'Ernie Bot' in March; shares rally

  • How One Healthcare System is Addressing a Talent Shortage

  • Who’s Who in Future of Work? Top 50 Influencers to Follow

  • Accelerating reuse models to achieve a world free of plastic waste

[06-Feb-23] Interesting lists ...

You might be surprised, who is on it

I know the new #1 on the Artists of all Time list, but the 2nd to 6th places are really surprising. I do not even know some of the names, mostly Classic and Country music artists.

We had an interesting discussion today about the planning cycles in our project. Every year is roughly divided into four 3 month long increments and we use an ongoing calendar over several years. For all team members to better plan their holiday periods.

The next planning will be between 04- and 06-Apr-23, one day before Good Friday and in the first week of the Easter school holidays in our part of Germany. We talked about three possible scenarios - stay with the initial plan, do it one week earlier or minimum one week later, to avoid a conflict with the holiday period. After a quick check with the Product Owners and Scrum Masters we realized that a lot of the team members did make their holiday planning, keeping the long known planning dates in mind, well done!!

In order to appreciate the smart guys we will make no changes to the planning dates. The rest either does not care or is not aware yet, so why bother? Keeping it simple ...

"Once you see the outcomes and the results, and you see how many people are helped and benefitting, you want to keep on doing it because it's so simple." -- Dolores Huerta, taken from Quote Master

  • We Asked, They Answered: What Women Leaders Really Want at Work

  • Video: STORYWORTHY by Matthew Dicks | Core Message
  • 8 Things Smart People Never Reveal About Themselves At Work

  • How Electronic Arts Improved Diversity With Something That Looked Like Bureaucracy, But Wasn’t

  • Sketchplanations: Umbrellas and funnels

[05-Feb-23] The week 05-2023 summary

A good start into February

A good variety of topics this week. And I could activate the search engine optimization (SEO) capabilities on my BLOG hosting platform for free. Will be interesting to see if it will have any impact on the number of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly readers that are shown on the website statistics page?

One downside of the new hosting platform is that the Blog posts are part of an ongoing text. You cannot address one single post with a unique URL and when you want to make a print-out, all text since 08-Dec-22 will be on paper. My mother was complaining about this today, as her weekly print-out was a little bit longer than normal.

It has also some impact on my eBOOK design, currently I try to print two pages of text on one A3 page on the new platform. Maybe I find a better approach over time?

Have a great, surprising and productive week, I will do my best:

  • The 6 Most Important Tech TrendPredictions For 2023

  • The 10 Must-Read Articles for Talent Professionals This Week (03-Feb-23)

  • Video: How to Combat Imposter Syndrome

  • Food waste 101: The facts and solutions

  • TED: The incredible cancer-detecting potential of photoacoustic imaging

"In Japanese culture, there’s a belief that only imperfect objects, like a cracked teacup, can truly be beautiful. This is called wabi-sabi. Try to let go of the quest for perfection, and instead accept the beauty that lies in all of life’s imperfections. The result will be extra energy, less stress and a longer life." -- Blinkist, taken from 35 Ikigai Quotes That Will Inspire You and Make You Reflect

[04-Feb-23] Helpful wisdom

Great picture covering a true story in one simple sketch ...

Three days back Tom Brady decided to retire from football for the second time. I wanted to wait a little bit, just in case he changes his mind again :-) Not yet, what is understandable, as the Greatest of All Times will now become the best paid NFL analyst on TV. I think he will be able to manage this, we will see ...

Last Sunday we did spontaneously go to our local cinema, to see the newest The Three Investigators film. The book series did initially start 1964 in the USA, but is much more successful in Germany for example. Here we call it the three questionmarks - ???. The two youngest kids are 19 and 22 in the meantime, but there is still this fascination for the story and so we took the chance and saw the film. Funny side effect, the kids only had to pay the kids price in the cinema. And we have not been the only parents with kids, but all others were possibly 10+ years younger than ours.

Have a relaxing weekend.

  • This writer analyzed 100 graduation speeches — here are the 4 tips they all share

  • Video: Langlaufen in Tirol (Wenn der Letzte der Erste ist...) - just watch without sound
  • 3 ways cities can promote new, greener mobility services

  • Performance through people: Transforming human capital into competitive advantage

[03-Feb-23] Learning never stops

Be ready to go on and on and on ...

The concept of the customer loyalty workshop was approved yesterday. We double the initially proposed one hour by HR to two hours, try to make it more personal and combine a learning experience with a team brainstorming session. In the end we will be using a Circle of Control to get clarity about our situation and possibilities. 

In the mindset of Lifelong Learning it is always good to learn something new, leave your comfort zone or get/take another perspective once in a while.

Today was a great day as we did restart bi-weekly Brown Bag sessions in our project environment. One answer to the outcome of our last Team Building session around MOTIVATION drivers that asked for more Recognition and Learning opportunities. With the session today we offered learning around Python Coding Standards for the team and a recognition for the presenter in front of a larger audience. When we can come to a higher level of common understanding about standards and priorities, we could improve the quality of our software code over time. Exactly, what we need. 



  • Video: 3,200-Megapixel Camera Is Nearly Ready

  • Video: OpenAI GPT-4 Chatbot Search Engine For Microsoft w/ THIS + NEW ChatGPT AI Tool + Nvidia PADL NLP
  • Video: My Apologies to the Simon Sinek Fans
  • 5 Big Ideas for Building Great Cultures

  • Aristotle on Storytelling in User Experience

  • No Bad Ideas or Silly Questions: How to Facilitate a Truly Inclusive Culture

  • Creating slides with MARP

[01-Feb-23] Value proposition ...

Why do your customers buy from you?

"What motivates people to choose you, to choose your products over the hundreds of alternatives? What makes your company, and your products, better than the rest? The answer: your value proposition."

What works for companies can also work for employees, as you can see on the picture today. Just copy & transfer a little bit.

"At the end of the day, the true value proposition of education is employment." — Sebastian Thrun, taken from 27 famous quotes about Value Proposition

  • TED Talk: The single biggest health threat women face
  • Infographic: Generative AI Explained by AI

  • Sahil Bloom: 10 Dangerous Lies We Tell Ourselves
  • Frank Sonnenberg: How to Determine If Someone Is Trustworthy
  • Tony Robbins | The #1 Thing I’d Teach My Kids Today


  • How to Do 4 Hours of the Best Work of Your Life (Without Cheap Hacks)

  • The Top 6 Reasons Digital Transformation Fails

  • Six reasons successful leaders love questions

[31-Jan-23] Show Your Passion ...

Learn from the well known experts

You can say a lot about Steve Jobs as a person, but he was great in selling products. 9 hints how to improve on the picture.

I finished my first cycle of preparation for the Customer Loyalty workshop at the end of Feb-23 today. I did add feedback cycles using Mentimeter and even the possibility for a hybrid workshop setup, just in case not all team members can make it to the Campus to come together in the same room. Now I am waiting for comments from selected colleagues to further improve the concept.

  • More details about Kevin Stirtz
  • What People Want from Work in 2023 – The Leadership That Works Newsletter

  • Google created an AI that can generate music from text descriptions, but won’t release it

  • A watermark for chatbots can expose text written by an AI

  • Thanks to Alpha Signal for proving the two links directly above
  • TED Playlist: Harnessing the future of data
  • Companies that change the game can change the world

  • Attributes of a Powerful Question

[30-Jan-23] An interesting Déjà Vu ...

Going back 24+ years in time

Luckily the Website analytics is working again, currently the counter is at 7,474 total visits since 08-Dec-22, according to the One.com approach: 

"There are two ways of obtaining data to do web analytics; from the access log files or from page tagging with Javascript in the browser. Our statistics tool gets its data from the access logs. The advantage with using log files to collect data is, that you don't need to add any code to your pages and that all your pages are automatically analyzed."

As you might remember I am currently reading the HOW THE MIGHTY FALL by Jim Collins book (please scroll back to 28-Dec-22 for details). I am half way done and came across the name Carly Fiorina last week. Fun fact is that I know her from 24+ years back, when I was working in the IT management team of Lucent Technologies. During an IT Summit in New Jersey she was giving a key note speech in her role as Chief Marketing Officer. Really impressive personality.

I also mentioned her in my [11-Feb-21] Blog post, see 2021 eBOOK page 350 for further details.

In the Jim Collins book she is mentioned in her role as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Hewlett-Packard Company (1999 - 2005). In 2016 Carly did even join the Presidential Race. What was not really well received with her activities and "accomplishments" before. A lot can happen in 18 years, to be judged by better experts than me. 

  • 11 Habits of Supremely Happy People

  • Boston Dynamics SHOCKING NEW Atlas AI Robot Automation Technology + 3D Modeling GeoCode AI

  • Gerd Leonhard #Futurist #humanistic analysis and review of #chatgpt and #generativeai gerdtalks13

  • U.S. Employee Engagement Needs a Rebound in 2023

  • “Being young is a state of mind, it doesn’t depend on one’s body.”

  • Elon Musks Idea Of Colonizing Mars Is Crazy, But Would Be A Massive Step For Humanity – Russian Cosmonaut

[29-Jan-23] My week 04-2023 highlights

One month nearly gone, 11 more to go ...

Today is the 4th anniversary of passing the 100,000 overall reader milestone back on 29-Jan-2019. A lot happened since then when I passed the 6-digit counter for the 1st time. Last year I reached the 1,000,000 milestone on 01-Sep-2022, the first 7-digit number. Due to my Blog hosting company change the counter is not available anymore and the Website analytics is still a little bit foggy and not really easy to understand for me. Just today the analytics numbers from yesterday are gone and a very small number is left. Hopefully only a mistake that can be fixed shortly? We will see next week.

The other picture was provided by Stefan Wolpers in his weekly newsletter. Here some more of the articles he shared:

  • Finding Adequate Metrics for Outer, Inner, and Process Quality in Software Development

  • Building Products With AI

  • Stefan is working for Berlin Product People GmbH

In the coming week I will be three times at our company Campus. Monday one Intern is leaving, on Wednesday another one is starting and Thursday for a face-2-face meeting with my boss. Always good to use this opportunity. And early Feb-23 all COVID-19 restrictions at the work place will be finally gone and we are back to "normal". 

Have a great, interesting, surprising and productive week. Here some supporting material:

  • The Dangerous Animals of Product Management
  • Quiz: Are you an extrovert, introvert or ambivert?

  • The 10 Must-Read Articles for Talent Professionals This Week        (27-Jan-23)

  • The Increasingly Important Role of AI in Customer Experience

[28-Jan-23] Spending sufficient effort

The difference between an average user and people who spend some more time on details ...

Back in 2021 I did already write in my BLOG about this topic and made a difference between spending 20 and 10,000 hours to get familiar with any subject.

Short thought jump: Due to the change of my Blog hosting company on 08-Dec-22 a lot of capabilities and functionality did become better, but some nice features are not available anymore. Since then I cannot easily reference any Blog post via an unique URL anymore, as it is just one single address https://www.rethinkandfocus.com/ now with a continuous text. It all has pros and cons and after any change the guarantee is only that it gets differently and not better in all cases.

So my workaround solution for now is to reference:

  • The date when I did write the Blog post --> [07-Jun-21]
  • Providing a link to the right eBOOK --> 2021
  • And mentioning the page you need to look for --> 220
  • Viewing documents from Google Drive even offers a Find function to come to the post faster 

I know this is not perfect, but better than nothing ...

Jumping back: So why am I in a position to host a workshop about e.g. Motivation, Customer Loyalty or Team Building? Because I am interested in the topics and did spend sufficient time - definitely not 10,000 hours, but between 5 and 10 maybe - to come into the 10% knowledge position. And finally you need to have some interest in people and like to share information, knowledge and your experience, for them to grow and for yourself to have some fun and to learn better. A Win-Win situation.

And the more workshops you host the better you become in time management and delivering the content in a fun and understandable way. You can rely on your portfolio of good ideas, icebreakers, content bits and transfer pages to prepare new subjects quickly - Steal with Pride - Copy & Transfer your own ideas. Looking forward to the next workshops ...

  • Adam Grant: The 13 New Books to Expand Your Mind in 2023
  • The $16 Trillion European Union Economy

  • FUTURE CANDY Tech Trends 2023 (only in German)

  • A…loch-freie Zonen (only in German)

  • Pollinator populations are falling, here's what that means for our health and economies

  • Harpoons, robots and lasers: how to capture space junk and bring it back to Earth

  • 3 ways to reduce gender inequality in the workplace post COVID-19

"The culture of any organization is shaped by the worst behavior the leader is willing to tolerate." -- by Steve Gruenert and Todd Whitaker

Picture below from my [07-Jun-21] Blog post, see 2021 eBOOK page 220 for further details

[27-Jan-23] More Robots and AI and etc.

There is so much more to find and interesting connections to make ...

Thanks to Eric Hofmann for sharing the Charlie Chaplin picture with the following story. Here the translated version:

"Charlie Chaplin told the audience a wonderful joke and everyone started laughing. Charlie repeated the same joke and few people laughed. He repeated the same joke again, but this time no one laughed. Then he said these beautiful lines: "If you can't laugh at the same joke over and over again, why do you keep crying over the same worry?""

Steve Jobs on death and decision making:

The first review of the planned Customer Loyalty workshop did go well yesterday. We scheduled it for end of Feb-23 now and try to get as much as possible team members together at our location. Some fine-tuning is still required and I need to get all material that I plan to use also in English language, for our none German speaking team members.

My MOTIVATION workshop for the project team last Monday was very well received and I did get good feedback afterwards. I was asked to give it again for a larger team in the near future. Mouth to mouth recommendation is the best way to grow.

  • Boston Dynamics: Sick Tricks and Tricky Grips
  • You’ve heard of interior design and graphic design – but what about protein design?

  • Liquid Metal Robot : A Real Life Terminator

  • 5 ways that ChatGPT could transform Microsoft Office

  • India's Solar Canals. Lateral thinking at its finest!

  • Explained: What is ChatGPT?

  • TED: The benefits of a bilingual brain
  • 40 Nonfiction Books to Watch Out for in 2023


  • Employee well-being: The holistic way

  • Averting an energy crisis requires bold investment in renewable energy — particularly in developing economies

[25-Jan-23] Robots and AI

Some more related topics to check out

Dennis Hong is a professor and the Founding Director of RoMeLa (Robotics and Mechanisms Laboratory) at UCLA. His research focuses on robot locomotion and manipulation, autonomous vehicles and humanoid robots.

His latest TED talk is giving great insights into the work of his laboratory, the spirit, motivation and mood of his students, worth seeing.

Besides that even the World Economic Forum is picking up the ChatGPT topic in an article today - Here's why ChatGPT is just the start of the generative AI boom

"Just imagine, in a classroom a teacher writes on the blackboard and a blind student can see what's written and read using these non-visual interfaces." — Dennis Hong

  • Video: Top 10 AI Tools Like ChatGPT You Must Try in 2023
  • Frank Sonnenberg: Live with Grace and Dignity

  • Sahil Bloom: The Ultimate Productivity Tool
  • Video: Self-Balancing Hexapod Robot. Android-based DIY Spider Robot.

[24-Jan-23] The system is up again ...

After several days the ChatGPT bot did talk to me again

As you can see, I was finally successful or reached a less busy slot in the system, to get three questions answered. The two ones I wanted to ask earlier and a third one to get the confirmation about the time based knowledge span of the bot.

Besides that I started to prepare the Customer Loyalty workshop today, based on the template provided by our Human Resource department. It is not perfect and I would have approached it differently, but these are the guidelines and I can only do some minor adjustments.

  • Agile 2: Today’s Agile Roles Are a Dead End

  • strategy + business: “Like mountain air in the veins
  • Microsoft and OpenAI extend partnership

“It is not your customer’s job to remember you, it is your obligation and responsibility to make sure they don’t have the chance to forget you.” -- Patricia Fripp, taken from 19 Quotes on Customer Loyalty that Help you Appreciate Your Loyal Customers

[23-Jan-23] Helping others ...

Two workshops done and all happy customers

The MOTIVATION workshop did go really well and doing it at our Campus location made a difference. As planned I did wear a colorful shirt and most of the audience was already waiting to see it. The interaction between the team members was great and besides learning something about the wide area of motivation drivers, the interaction in a more or less none business environment and topic was very much appreciated.

Starting tomorrow I will be preparing another workshop around Customer Centricity and Loyalty. Looking forward to it ...

  • REJECTION PROOF by Jia Jiang | Core Message

  • TED Talk: Why good leaders make you feel safe | Simon Sinek
  • Martec’s Law: the greatest management challenge of the 21st century


  • This 22-year-old is trying to save us from ChatGPT before it changes writing forever

  • 9 Bad Habits You Must Break To Be More Productive

  • The Pomodoro Technique Really Works, Says This Productivity-Hack Skeptic

  • 8 Levels Of Listening – Complete Guide (2023)

[22-Jan-23] The week 03-2023 summary

Looking forward to the next assignments after a successful week

Short break over the weekend after a really great week with the System Demo and successful delivery of our Proof of Concept last Tuesday, the new planning phase Wednesday and Thursday and the Team building workshop on Friday. As we combined the first two Sprints into a 3 week cycle, the result of an earlier adjustment in the timing due to the Christmas break in the project, there will be a little bit more time to focus on other tasks in the meantime.

Besides the MOTIVATION workshop tomorrow I will be looking into another workshop that should be scheduled for our whole team, to think about customer centricity, an initiative kicked-off by our Senior Management team for the whole company. One of the first challenges will be to come to a common agreement about - who is the customer?

A lot of the departments, especially the ones providing services to other departments, are not directly facing customers who are buying our products. So we have to make a difference between external customers and something, what we might call a business partner as example. Another opportunity to better understand the customer perspective could be the situation that some of our employees are also customers of our products. Let's make best use of these insights.

"I believe in the power of recognition and empowerment leading to great employee engagement. And employee engagement is critical to guest engagement. Employee empowerment and recognition is the core of our culture and how we achieve outstanding customer service." Herve Humler

  • A Simple Guide to OpenAI API with Python

  • The three vital technology trends no company can afford to ignore in 2023 (and one they can)

  • The 11 Best And Most Innovative New Gadgets And Devices In 2023

Source Youtube: How to Hack Your Brain to Destroy Procrastination

[21-Jan-23] Room to learn

The best way to learn is to train other people ...

The picture today, my search on the LEXICA page for "AI chatbot", looks cute and good.

Looking forward to next Monday, when I will be hosting the MOTIVATION workshop with a smaller team onsite or in a hybrid setup, depending how many team members will be participating online? Doing a training with all participants together in one room is definitely a difference to online, as you have another dynamic and see, what the people are doing during the Break-Out sessions.

And in order to be clear about who is the host in the training, I will be wearing a colorful shirt. Also useful to do an opening warm-up joke when you are taking the sweat-shirt off and the colors become visible :-)

Just now the German Handball team is playing against the Netherlands at the 2023 Worldcup in Poland and Sweden. When we win, we are qualified for the Quarter final (last 8 of 32 teams). For decades we see the competition between the two countries in Soccer, now we add another sports. The German team did really great so far and is leading by half-time 15:12, much more could be possible we will see in the coming days. 8 minutes to go in the meantime and 9 goals in front (29:20), looking good. Final result 33:26 Quarter final here we come.

Another highlight today is the start of the Divisional Round on the way to the Football Super Bowl LVII. Now 8 teams left and in every game you either finish your season or make it to the next round, excitement is guaranteed.

[20-Jan-23] Quick topics collection

Good to know, or not, before the weekend ...

Or new Aberdeen gnome arrived, the left one, but it took some time due to the Brexit changes and a lot of strikes in the UK. So not in time for Christmas 2022, but super early for Christmas 2023. The right gnome now has a partner, much easier to talk about home :-)

ChatGPT is still not reachable for me, but in the press everywhere. Luckily alternatives are popping up, seems to be a coming market and the next "Gold Rush"? And first concerns about AI created content are getting louder, something to keep an eye on.

  • Microsoft Plans to Build OpenAI, ChatGPT Features Into All Products

  • wordtune: Your thoughts in words
  • YOU: The AI Search Engine You Control
  • Rytr: A better, 10x faster way to write
  • AI art tools Stable Diffusion and Midjourney targeted with copyright lawsuit

  • How Will Artificial Intelligence Impact Project Management?

  • These were the biggest AI developments in 2022. Now we must decide how to use them

The surprising Exits of the week are Jacinda Ardern resigns as prime minister of New Zealand and Tom Brady finished the NFL season much earlier than expected.


My busy week finished smoothly, the planning phase was successful and the confidence vote after just two days much better than last time, even with one team more to keep an eye on. Now we have 8 teams in our Agile Release Train (ART). Today we finished the planning phase with a Team Building session around Motivation Drivers. 40+ people in two Break-Out sessions had a lot of fun and even learned something new. Positive side effect, I can reuse the workshop next Monday with another team - courageously simplify!!


  • Pay Transparency: What It Is and How to Prepare

  • What organizational structure is effective? Use the Organizational Map


  • crosschq: Recruiting Benchmarks & Metrics Report 2023

  • Sahil Bloom: The 4 Types of Luck
  • Atlas Gets a Grip | Boston Dynamics

  • Agile Forecasting... WITHOUT estimates?

  • 5 trends shaping the world of work -and how ministers and CEOs are addressing them

  • The Wordtune updates that put ChatGPT to shame
  • The Fastest-Growing Jobs Around the World in 2023

  • 5 Signs You’re Much Smarter Than Average

  • 30 Types of Happiness (And Why You Should Try Them All)

  • How many steps a day do we really need to take? Here are the facts

[18-Jan-23] About responsibilities

Making good progress during the busy week

The project system demo last Monday did go pretty smooth and everybody was really impressed and positive about the achieved results. We did get a lot of good feedback from the Senior Management participants, what helps for team motivation going forward.

Yesterday the final preparation of the next 3 month project phase did take longer than expected, as usual because everything has to be ready at the evening before, due to an early start the next day. And with team members from three different time zones that are 5.5 hours in range, you have to be flexible in start and end times.

Today was the first of two planning days and we tried to maximize the Breakout session times for the different teams as much as possible. More work and less administration time is the idea. Tomorrow is Day-2 and we are already pretty far with the details for the coming three month.

As you see on the ChatGPT picture the system is still taking a break, as the growing interest seems to be much higher than the currently available resources. We will see, if this changes shortly? Maybe they have a hidden selection criteria in the background that gives new users higher priority than the ones who had already some interaction with the Bot before? 

[16-Jan-23] Starting a busy week

Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the USA

A busy week is starting and not much time left besides finishing the last and starting the next 3 month project phase this week. Due to this just some pictures and interesting links today.

  • The unseen forces that can cause your great new idea to crash and burn

  • 23 BEST Things I saw in Vegas at CES 2023!

  • Is ChatGPT a Google killer?

  • Most people don't realize how powerful ChatGPT can be when used correctly - by Sam Szuchan

[15-Jan-23] My week 02-2023 highlights

First busy week after the holidays ...

A lot of stuff was still to be done after 3 weeks holiday with the final delivery date coming up tomorrow and the next planning phase starting Wednesday. The team did a great job and we are nearly ready after two Dry-Runs. All is prepared, we just cannot be 100% sure, due to unplanned illness or technical problems. Let's keep the fingers crossed.

The "10 Ways to have a better conversation" sketchnote from Tanmay Vora is a great fit to the ChatGPT discussion earlier. And as you can see on the other picture the Chatbot is currently down as the system is overloaded due to unexpected interest.

Bad timing, as I wanted to ask two more questions:

  1. What do you think about the current capabilities of yourself and what do you see as the top 3 pros and cons of the used technology?
  2. What do you know and think about the Blog behind www.rethinkandfocus.com?

Maybe later today or tomorrow the system is working again.

  • Here's how to (actually) use ChatGPT as effectively as possible

  • The 5 Biggest Fitness and Wellness Technology Trends In 2023

  • The 10 Must-Read Articles for Talent Professionals This Week (13-Jan-23)

[14-Jan-23] Chatting with ChatGPT

Getting into more details about ChatGPT and the OpenAI capabilities

After the teaser from yesterday I did get into some more details today, created an account and had some first chats with ChatGPT. Really surprising I would say. Selective perception, the more you think about something the more you find and see about the topic.

  • Microsoft in talks to acquire a 49% stake in ChatGPT owner OpenAI

Microsoft was already an early supporter of OpenAI, now they want to get into the driving seat I would say. Either to better control, what is going on. Or to shut a competitor down, Google is already very concerned about ChatGPT.

As the NFL season is now coming to the serious part before the Super Bowl LVII in Feb-23, I did ask ChatGPT one question there, facts and figures work quite well as far as I can judge!!

Now starts the time of Tom Brady, win or go home for the season is his preferred level of pressure and stress, we will see how far it goes shortly, maybe already this weekend?

The statement of ChatGPT about the Turing Test is pretty smart I would say, shows some level of "self-awareness" and self-reflection already.

The answer to my question about the quote from my Blog post from yesterday is nice and political correct. Avoiding any conflicts and not answering anything wrong or stupid. Smarter than a lot of humans :-)

  • Animated Chart: The Rise and Fall of Music Sales, by Format (1973-2021)

  • Every Song With Over 1 Billion Spotify Streams

  • Top A.I. Tools of Early 2023

  • DEEP down into ChatGPT's rabbit hole

  • When Big IS the Next Small Step

  • The Dead Horse Theory by Monte Pedersen
  • Tokyo wants to build a future-proof city. Here’s how

  • How to get Scrum Teams comfortable asking for help

  • 4 leadership trends to watch in 2023

  • Want to get — and stay — employed through 2030? 10 jobs to consider (article from 01-Jul-2020)

  • 4 Ways to Rewire Your Brain for Positive Thinking

  • The Biggest Global Risks of 2023

  • Simon Sinek: If You Don't Understand People, You Don't Understand Business

  • No Trousers Tube Ride - London Underground 2023

  • The Top 26 Science Books of 2022

  • Everything you need to know about hydrogen in the clean energy transition

  • Can bossless management work?

[13-Jan-23] Friday 13th ...

Quitter’s Day is held on the second Friday in January. This year, it falls on January 13.

"Research has shown that people quit their resolutions for the year by the second Friday of January." Exactly my argument why resolutions make no sense. If you need it, you should start and stop in your own time and not waste your New Year with it. If not, even better.

Dan Rockwell did post a nice article about this topic today - DON’T MAKE STUPID COMMITMENTS

Did you hear about ChatGPT so far? "We’ve trained a model called ChatGPT which interacts in a conversational way. The dialogue format makes it possible for ChatGPT to answer followup questions, admit its mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests."

When you read about a topic (ChatGPT) in very different newspapers, it gets more than less hyped in Social Media, market leaders get a little bit concerned (Google) and people you would not expect come up with this topic as well (in this case my 80+ year old father in law), you can be sure it is serious. Last time this happened it was TikTok. Some insights:

  • I Used ChatGPT Every Day for a Month, Here’s What I’ve Learned

  • ChatGPT gained 1 million users in under a week. Here’s why the AI chatbot is primed to disrupt search as we know it

Maybe a good opportunity to discuss about the Turing Test with ChatGPT? - "What Is the Turing Test? The Turing Test is a deceptively simple method of determining whether a machine can demonstrate human intelligence: If a machine can engage in a conversation with a human without being detected as a machine, it has demonstrated human intelligence."

[11-Jan-23] Nudge the world

On a way to the world we dream of

Today a collection of different links and topics that could be related:

  • Poor Habits Lead to Poor Results

  • Navy Seals Can Teach You How to Have an Unbreakable Mindset

  • Development That Pays: Let's put Agile to work! in videos 

  • The secret to a happy life -- lessons from 8 decades of research

  • These 3 smartphone apps are helping to reduce food waste around the globe. Here’s how

[10-Jan-23] Motivation workshop

Decision about the content for two Team Building workshops in Jan-23

In the next two weeks I will be hosting two Team Building workshops for different teams in size, project content and location. For a pretty small team locally at our Duesseldorf Campus and for my Agile Release Train (ART) on the last day of our next 3 month planning cycle. A much larger team with people in Germany, India, Portugal and Brazil for example. Will be interesting to see, how the same workshop works onsite versus online?

Due to a change in our ART setup in late Nov-22 that was agreed to get more focus for a committed delivery by 16-Jan-23, we have seen a lot of increase in motivation and team spirit. A good opportunity to learn a little bit more about individual and team motivation.

In the mindset of "knowing your role models", "stealing with pride" and "copy and transfer" I used the Jurgen Appelo article about The 25 Drives Grid as my starting point.

The current concept is to take a 5 step approach:

  1. Participants reading the article
  2. Selecting up to 6 of the 24 drivers for their individual motivation
  3. Discussing drivers for their team motivation in small groups
  4. Agreeing up to 6 drivers for the team level
  5. Brainstorming: What would be good ideas/changes to increase the current motivation in the team even further, or keep it at the already increased level compared to the time before Nov-22?

This will also work with the smaller local team with some minor adjustments. Keep it simple and reuse good concepts - think once use often ...

  • 9 Future of Work Trends For 2023

  • 8 Ways to Flip the Script on Negative Thoughts

  • Mushrooms and other fashion must-haves

  • The quality every leader should have to succeed in today's world, revealed

Source Youtube: HOW TO BEGIN by Michael Bungay Stanier | Core Message

  • 4 Practical Ways to Get Skills-First Hiring Right

  • Doctor Explains How the Power of Positive Thinking Improves Mental Health


  • 6 Things You Must Quit Doing Now To Be More Successful

  • 5 charts that show how renewable energy generation has soared

[09-Jan-23] First working day ...

The best way to prioritize?

Besides the approach on the picture you can also use the Eisenhower Matrix for example. For my first day after holidays the focus on Must Do tasks was sufficient. Our System Demo Dry-Run did go smoothly and with the next 3 month planning phase starting on the 18th, it was easy to separate between could, should and must do today.

"Leadership consists of nothing but taking responsibility for everything that goes wrong and giving your subordinates credit for everything that goes well." -- Dwight D. Eisenhower

[08-Jan-23] The week 01-2023 summary

A quick summary of the last holiday week

Interesting how fast 3 weeks holiday can be over. We had a great Christmas time and start into the new year 2023. And the highlight was the Hamburg visit with the Hamilton Musical. Now work starts again tomorrow and the coming three weeks will be really busy.

We have the dry-run of our System Demo inside our team tomorrow that has been moved out for one week until 17-Jan-23, to get all missing tasks finished before we get in front of our stakeholders. One day later we will already start the planning for the next 3 month phase, still a lot of work to be done by then.

Besides that new Interns will be starting and leaving until the end of Jan-23, and new contracts have to be prepared for starters in March and April this year. 

Today I have seen "The Last Word" comedy - "If Harriett’s to get her positive obituary, she’ll have to resort to desperate measures. Bribes? Threats? Should she simply dictate the obituary she wants written, word by word? Or should Harriett Lauler start living a life worthy of a glowing obituary? Even at 81, maybe it’s not too late to craft a life worth praising in print. Because as Harriett well knows, if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself." - I liked it a lot and thinking about your future obituary might be an interesting approach in four areas?

What would your family and former colleagues say about you, what would be a surprising factor about yourself, who did you influence to something positive and how? Great questions to think about ...

  • 5 Habits You Should Avoid to Become Highly Productive

  • What Does ChatGPT Really Mean For Businesses?

  • ChatGPT: Everything You Really Need To Know

  • The Highlights Of CES 2023 – The Must-See Products You Can’t Miss This Year

  • The 10 Best Examples Of Low-Code And No-Code AI

  • The 10 Must-Read Articles for Talent Professionals This Week (06-Jan-23)

[07-Jan-23] Some quick pictures for the weekend

There is a lot of truth in a picture, much easier to understand

Some examples below, have a great weekend.

  • France’s plan for solar panels on all car parks is just the start of an urban renewable revolution

  • The ripple effect of a coaching culture at work

  • CES 2023 Day 1 favorites-Dell 6K Monitor, Acer electricity generating bike desk, AI exoskeleton, and more

  • A new space-based invention will radically improve climate change forecasts - here’s how

  • Animals on the brink: Why extinctions matter

  • Real-world data quality: What are the opportunities and challenges?

“If there is anything I would like to be remembered for it is that I helped people understand that leadership is helping other people grow and succeed. To repeat myself, leadership is not just about you. It’s about them.” – Jack Welch, taken from Famous Quotes on Coaching for Leaders

There is a really interesting LinkedIn post using the picture with the three kids - This post from Joe Rogan will help all of us keep things in perspective today.

  • Our 10 Favorite Book Bites of 2022


  • These smart mini-robots could soon clean and inspect pipes

  • Stronger material in 3D printing could one day be used on Mars - but how?

[06-Jan-23] Review of my 2022 JAR content

Writing is the path to clarity." -- Pejman Milani

As promised on 28-Dec-22 I did open my JAR today and reviewed the success and fail notes of 2022. In total I had 62 notes, 29 work and 29 private life related ones. Only 4 fails - one for the Russia invasion in the Ukraine in Feb-22, one more for the stock exchanges going down due to this. Then one for a broken Linux Mint installation - I decided to install a newer version over the existing one as alternative to a new install from scratch, what was the approach in the end as the update did not work as expected. The last fail was related to a marketing department that did not understand my NO to their offer immediately, so I had to repeat it several times for them.

A lot of the private life successes had been related to my BLOG, to the overall counter, weekly or 5 week average reader records, an article series about Symbiosis that I finished in Jan-22. Fits to the thinking versus writing picture today, as well as the Sahil Bloom 1-1-1 methodEvery single evening, at the end of your work day, open up your journal (or favorite digital tool/application) and write down three simple points: 1 win, 1 point of tension and 1 point of gratitude.

The other private life topics were related to e.g. finishing books, learning new stuff, nice holidays, meeting friends, celebrating events with the family, taking care of must do tasks (one-time or yearly), a new bike, etc.

In the work environment the success notes had been related to three main areas:

  1. Hosting Workshops
    • Several Unique Selling Point workshops for Teams or our Talent Program
    • Team Building Workshops for several teams and after every PI planning 
    • The 2nd Data & Analytics Meetup and two break-out sessions for a management meeting
  2. Agile activities
    • Nomination as Scrum Master for the New Leadership transformation project
    • Nomination as Release Train Engineer for our 2nd ART, running four PI's during 2022
    • Streamlining the project and reducing the planning effort from 3 to 2 days 
  3. Feelgood management
    • Taking care of Interns before, during and after their Internship
    • Driving the "5-minute" learning posts from 601 posts until 1,650+ in the meantime
    • Getting a lot of positive feedback from the Interns and peope following the learning posts

Was a really great experience today, to review the year 2022 based on the 62 notes. Will do it again for 2023 and did put the 1st two notes into the JAR today.

My take on Dan Rockwell's article on "2023 will be a success if _______.

  • I can follow my general direction to "Start simple, it always becomes complex over time"
  • I can become a role model for people who think, what I am doing is a good example
  • I can find more good examples like Dan and Sahil, as I am far away from being perfect. Know your strength and weakness ...
  • I have fun and can easily balance life and work and can be successful in both areas
  • I share more information and increase my number of followers

[05-Jan-23] Back from the two day Musical trip

“It is better to be alone, than to be in bad company.” ~ George Washington

We had much fun in the HAMILTON Musical yesterday and learned a lot about the main character Alexander Hamilton "one of America’s most influential Founding Fathers. He was an impassioned champion of a strong federal government, and played a key role in ratifying the U.S. Constitution. As the first secretary of the U.S. Treasury, Hamilton built a financial foundation for the new nation against fierce opposition from archrival Thomas Jefferson."

A great story, a great cast, good music, songs, voices and a really matching stage design. Worth seeing and listening, three hours well spend.

Before the Musical we made a short sightseeing trip in Hamburg, only downside was the rain, something you cannot influence. Great was the public transport system, really cheap prices, good connections and short waiting times. If all public transport systems in all main cities would be on a similar level, this would be a real alternative to cars. Still a long way to go for e.g. Cologne and Duesseldorf the main cities in my area, their prices are much higher and the integration of different transport systems are far away from role models like Hamburg and Berlin. 

During the Musical trip the PDC World Champion finished with a great final and a new Champion - "Michael Smith produced the performance of his career to defeat Michael van Gerwen 7-4 and claim his first Cazoo World Darts Championship title in an incredible final at Alexandra Palace on Tuesday (03-Jan-23)". Both played THE GREATEST LEG OF ALL TIME with 17/18 perfect darts. Michael Smith finished 501 points with 9 darts (7 x triple-20, 1 x triple-19 and the final double-12), Michael van Gerven missed the double-12 in the end. See the video for confirmation.

He deserved to win the 1st Championship in his 3rd final !! Super high level game.

“Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.” ~ John Wooden, taken from 33 Expressions That Have Stood the Test of Time by Frank Sonnenberg

  • Dan Rockwell: 2023 WILL BE A SUCCESS IF


  • Sahil Bloom: 23 Ways to Make 2023 Your Miracle Year
  • The promise and challenges of sustainable travel products

  • The New Happy: You are all worthy of love
  • Why the 4-Day Workweek is Gathering New Momentum

  • The power of generosity in ecosystems

  • The route to longer life? 30 minutes a week of muscle-strengthening exercises, new study says

  • Updates to WSJF © Scaled Agile, Inc.

  • Timeline: The Most Important Science Headlines of 2022

[02-Jan-23] World Darts Championship Semi-Finals

GABRIEL CLEMENS the "GERMAN GIANT" writing Darts history again?

Another 90 minutes to go before Gabriel will play his Semi-Final at the PDC World Darts Championship, the 1st time for him and for a German player in history so far. He had a great game against the #1 in the Darts world yesterday and will play against the last year finalist today. Looking forward to it and hopefully his impressive journey will be going on to the final?

On the left side the statistics of my 5th eBOOK with respect to overall word count and the most used words. The same information for all 5 eBOOKs together with the blue background, 478k words so far.

The beginning of the year is always time for statistics, finishing old and restarting new tasks. Like the eBOOK and the word count. To review the content of my 2022 JAR is still on the list, but has to wait until the Hamburg visit is over.

As I will be away for two days, some interesting material to check out besides my 5th eBOOK :-)

  • Biggest drone display ever! - Guinness World Records

  • 23 lessons for Coaches setting yearly goals in 2023

  • 10 ways to get the most out of your time on this planet (from Jan-22)

  • HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023 (by Dan Rockwell)


  • Comic Agile: #222 – The Dangerous Stakeholders
  • Tanmay Vora: Looking Back, Looking Forward!

"Every time I play darts I try to keep my poker face on and stay focused until that last dart has gone in." -- Fallon Sherrock, English - Entertainer Born: July 1, 1994

[01-Jan-23] The week 52-2022 highlights

Closing the year 2022 ...

Just finished putting together my 5th eBOOK. It is already available via the Downloads button in the main menu/page. 388 pages with all my content, pictures and links from 2022. This is more than one page per day. Have a look, worth checking it out I would say, but I am not objective ...

I did also create a PDF file with all my five eBOOKs today, just for me 2,246 pages in total, as reference and to search for interesting topics that I did cover in the past already. Very valuable once in a while, when you quickly look for different references related to one topic.

One the picture today an overview of the 4,627 visits on my BLOG page since I started on the new hosting platform on 08-Dec-22. As the statistics page is making a different between USA and the individual federal states, I had to add all up to one total number and percentage. Giving a really good overview of the main reader countries as well as the global distribution of all interested parties so far.

This week we will be going to Hamburg to see the Hamilton Musical. Finally, as we had to move the date two times due to COVID-19 before. Waiting for it will be worth it, according to what my daughters did tell me about the music and story so far. We will see in the coming week ...

  • Queen guitarist Brian May, fashion designer Mary Quant top U.K. honors list

  • The Top 10 Tech Trends In 2023 Everyone Must Be Ready For

  • The Top 5 Technology Challenges In 2023

  • Top 5 In-Demand Tech Skills For Jobs In 2023

  • The 5 Biggest Business Trends In 2023 Everyone Must Get Ready For Now

  • How To Build A Positive Hybrid And Remote Working Culture In 2023

  • Infographic: Automation May Not Come for Everyone's Job After All

I had a day off yesterday to celebrate the 19th wedding anniversary with my wife. It is called the Honeysuckle one, or Mother of pearl in Germany. The German name sounds better, anyway it was really nice and much too warm for a Winter day. Today it will be even above 17 degrees celsius, time for shorts and not New Years Eve. More global warming ...

The review of my 2022 and finishing the 5th eBOOK will happen in the coming days. Goal setting for 2023 is easy: No new year resolutions, staying authentic, sharing knowledge/ideas/experience, having fun and enjoying life-work coexistence. All the best for your 2023.

  • Scott Galloway: 2023 Predictions

  • 3 reasons why the future of carbon capture looks promising

  • This chart shows the growth of India's economy

  • Sahil Bloom: The Best of 2022

[31-Dec-22] Last day of 2022 ...

Just another 9+ hours to go in Germany

Close to the new year 2023 and the three famous people on the picture died in the last week of 2022.

  • “I was born to play football, just like Beethoven was born to write music and Michelangelo was born to paint.” — Pelé (born: October 23, 1940 - died: December 29, 2022)

  • “Fashion is about eventually being naked.” — Vivienne Westwood (born: April 8, 1941 - died: December 29, 2022)

  • “Thank you for your love and support. May you always experience the joy that comes from putting Christ at the center of your lives.”
    Pope Benedict XVI (born: April 16, 1927 - died: December 31, 2022)

Just assume these three would be sitting together in a train on their last journey, where ever this is going? Interesting topics to be covered: How you win three soccer World Cups as player? How you combine Punk music and fashion? How you retire as Pope and cause a lot of issues, as there is no pension fund planned and no appartment available, besides the crypt with former Pope graves :-)

They all did go their own way against the pressure and different opinions from the outside, a good concept.

[29-Dec-22] More Artificial Intelligence generated pictures ...

"Midjourney is an independent research lab exploring new mediums of thought and expanding the imaginative powers of the human species."

In the picture below the results of my first test run by using the Midjourney Bot on the official Discord server today. The key words had been "baby olaf skull spider woman 3d photorealistic", not so bad I would say?

The other test picture is even better, with "baby yoda surfing giant wave with spider man suite", or what do you think?

Two days to go, take a break and have some fun:

  • Join the Gretchen Rubin Challenge: Go Outside 23 in 23
  • Top Heavy: Countries by Share of the Global Economy


  • Digging into the details, this map compares our world’s rivers and mountains

  • Next Big Idea Club: Our 10 Favorite Book Bites of 2022
  • Why the circular economy is the business opportunity of our time

  • Achim Nowak: MY FOURTH ACT Podcast

“I will have all the answers when I am older, like why we are in this dark, enchanted wood. I know in a couple years, these will seem like childish fears, and so I know it isn’t bad, it’s good.” – Olaf taken from 90 Olaf Quotes From the Most Popular Snowman

[28-Dec-22] Status of my 2022 JAR

Quite some changes between the start on 03-Jan-22 and today, 3 more days left ...

As you can read in my 2022 eBOOK on 03-Jan-22 the JAR was to collect my "successes" and "fuck-ups" during this year. Pretty full in the meantime, I think I had more than one note per week. Reading all the details will be an interesting recap of 2022.

After the Personal Annual Review of 2022 approach by Sahil Bloom that I mentioned back on 21-Dec-22, today the next step his Annual Planning Guide, see the summary below (Sahil is offering a free template again):

  1. Establish Big Goals within Professional and Personal category.
  2. Establish Checkpoint Goals for each Big Goal.
  3. Establish Daily Systems associated with each Big and Checkpoint Goal.
  4. Establish Anti-Goals for each Big Goal.
  5. Execute against Daily Systems using the Two-Day Rule, 30-for-30 Approach, Minimum Viable Progress, or Habit Stacking models.
  6. Track and adjust using the 1-in-60 Rule Monthly Review.

Together on the JAR picture from today you can see my new book - HOW THE MIGHTY FALL by Jim Collins - he did also write the really famous GOOD TO GREAT book. So far really interesting material, but I just started :-)

“The moment you feel the need to tightly manage someone, you’ve made a hiring mistake. The best people don’t need to be managed. Guided, taught, led-yes. But not tightly managed.” — James C. Collins taken from 51 Inspirational Jim Collins Quotes

Some best of 2022 TED Playlists, have a look:

  • 4 Ways You Can Shape How Others Perceive You and Build an Outstanding Personal Brand
  • Vodafone's mobile network has a digital twin

  • Learning Fundamentals: My favourite books for 2022
  • Frank Sonnenberg: You Bear Sole Responsibility for Your Circumstances
  • AI generated MARVEL BABIES | Turquoise TV

There are so many ideas, what you can do to reflect on a full year, why not using the 21 questions? The article behind the picture goes into much more details and examples, have a look.

"By three methods we may learn wisdom. First, by reflection, which is noblest. Second, by imitation, which is easiest and third by experience which is bitterest."

Confucius, taken from Top 100 Reflection Quotes To Gain Perspective

  • 4 leadership trends to watch in 2023

  • Ranked: The 100 Biggest Public Companies in the World

  • Boushra Almutawakel: The Hijab Series

  • The New Happy: To all those pursuing a dream
  • How deep learning can improve productivity and boost business

  • Leadership 2.0: How To Exceed Your Goals In 2023

[27-Dec-22] Some good pictures today ...

As one picture says more than 1,000 words, I am saving some words today :-)

Tsundoku - "A beautiful Japanese word for the acquiring and piling up of books without reading them. Constructed from 2 words loosely meaning piling up and reading".

Perfect fit to our sustainable Christmas tree this year, see my 23-Dec-22 post. The majority of the books have been read in 2022 and piled up in the form of a tree, so let's call it a 75% Tsundoku.

As a side note: Due to the new hosting provider of my BLOG I cannot reference single posts with the URL anymore, sorry for that. You have to download the eBOOK and search for the right post in the PDF document. Not the best solution for a one time search, but quite comfortable if you search for several times or different posts.

[26-Dec-22] Hope you had some great holidays?

Starting the remaining days of 2022

The NFL did just take a short Christmas break, because there is not much time left until Super Bowl LVII, it will be played at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona on Sunday, February12, 2023.

As you can see on the picture, the value of a whole team is not at all connected to the success in the league und the current playoff picture. The LA Rams, the last season winner and a high valuable team, is not even on the picture yet. Only money does not win championships.

An interesting information about the most innovative countries in the last 11 years, especially when you compare it with the PISA 2018 results, see Mathematics and Science on page 7 and 8 of this PDF document for example. Countries like e.g. Switzerland, Netherlands, Finland and Sweden are showing up pretty high in the ranking on both lists. Seems to be no coinidence.

The PDC 2023 World Darts Championship is picking up speed again tomorrow after a short Christmas break with the last 32 players. Still two German players in the championship that will finish on 03-Jan-23. 

  • NEVER FINISHED by David Goggins | Core Message

  • How to Improve Your Decision-Making

  • Space: The Next Frontier For Data And Artificial Intelligence

  • Rethinking The Future (by Tony Seba): The Great Transformation

  • How can individuals use their influence for positive change?

[23-Dec-22] A small Christmas break 

Taking a two days posting break to celebrate Christmas with the family

As you can see on the left picture our sustainable Christmas tree out of books is ready. Still a kind of tree, just out of paper in the meantime and with a similar silhouette. My daughters did struggle a little bit with the amount of books required and the right concept to get a tree like look-and-feel with the best possible hight. Some more years to go and we will have a perfect tree out of books, for sure. Enough DIY's are available, but finding it out on your own is also a lot of fun and better to learn about a proper building process.

Wishing you a great Christmas time with your family and friends.

“I stopped believing in Santa Claus when I was six. Mother took me to see him in a department store and he asked for my autograph.” -- Shirley Temple, taken from 50 Best Christmas Quotes to Get You Into the Holiday Spirit

  • Visual Capitalist: Our Top 21 Visualizations of 2021
  • Visual Capitalist’s Top 20 Visualizations of 2020
  • We desperately need to disrupt our approach to retirement saving

[22-Dec-22] A diverse list of topics ...

Interesting material to check out during a break

Make your own selection, what is of most interest for you today. And tomorrow you can make another choice ...

Source Youtube: How to Take a Brain Break | Jim Kwik                                                                                   Source Youtube: The best kindergarten you’ve ever seen | Takaharu Tezuka

  • 5 Workplace Trends to Lose in 2023 and 3 That Need to Keep Going

  • pwc1: Strategic coherence for tumultuous times

  • pwc2: Empower to transform
  • pwc3: The overlooked power of day-to-day dynamism
  • FORTUNE Rankings 2022 and before
  • ECOSIA financial reports and blog
  • Plant-for-the-Planet blog
  • The best HR & People Analytics articles of December 2022

“There is nothing wrong with people’s brainpower; there is something very wrong with people’s perception of reality.” -- Dr. Eli Goldratt

“You think Yoda stops teaching, just because his student does not want to hear? A teacher Yoda is. Yoda teaches like drunkards drink, like killers kill.” – Yoda, taken from 40 Yoda Quotes That Will Leave You With All the Star Wars Feels

[21-Dec-22] Collecting ideas for 2023

Using the quiet time and holiday period to ReThinkandFocus

The Everyday Change Play Book: Because change doesn't need to be shit - arrived today already. When I am quick and the book is not that thick, it can still become part of our sustainable christmas tree, based on all the read books in the family during 2022? We will see.

My first day of the holidays and this was my highlight. The breaking news on the news channel I follow (the translation from German) - "At some distance from Earth, a team of researchers observes a large exoplanet in its death throes: According to their calculations, Kepler-1658b is getting closer and closer to its star as time goes by - a collision is inevitable."

I like the some distance from Earth statement as well as the urgency of the collision. When you read the article in more details, here an English version, you understand that the distance is 2,600 lightyears and the collision is expected to happen in 2.5 million years from now. Luckily I did not miss this message, so I am prepared in time :-)

Just in case you want to do a Personal Annual Review of 2022, here an idea from Sahil Bloom with 7 questions. He is offering a free download template:

  1. What did I change my mind on this year?
  2. What created energy this year?
  3. What drained energy this year?
  4. Who were the boat anchors in my life?
  5. What did I not do because of fear?
  6. What were my greatest hits and misses?
  7. What did I learn this year?

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” — Phil Jackson, taken from 49 Famous Teamwork Quotes And Sayings

  • This Algae Powered a Computer for a Year With Just Water and Sunlight

  • Why Internal Mobility Should Be a Top Priority Right Now

  • Student-made solar-powered car sets a new world record by traveling 620 miles

  • unFIX: The Multiteaming Way: Organized Anarchy at a Startup Company
  • Ask Yourself What Really Matters

  • The power couple: Why solar and storage are key to reducing geopolitical risk and securing access to energy

[20-Dec-22] Year end coming closer ...

Had a great team come-together today

As mentioned yesterday we had the final whole team meeting today. We did take a look back in 2022, reviewed the status quo of the project and, what will be coming early 2023. A great session with a lot of fun and involvement. We did select the Role Model of the year - a person who someone admires and whose behaviour they try to copy.

In the end we had two winners, selected by the team and everybody had 3 votes. One was an obvious choice the other one more a secret favorite. He was very much surprised to see his name and appreciated the choice of his colleagues a lot. An early Christmas present for him.

In the end I used the opportunity to make some marketing for my Blog, especially with the India feature from yesterday. In the current Statistics visitors from India are only 13th place with 1.23%. There should be much more possible :-)

At the end of the day I started my Christmas holidays until 06-Jan-23, really looking forward to a more quiet period and some time to read a book. One on my list is - The Everyday Change Play Book: Because change doesn't need to be shit.

  • Management 3.0 Blog

  • Lisette Sutherland - Interview with Jurgen Appelo


  • ‘A New World of Work Requires a New Way to Lead’—Stephen M.R. Covey, McKinlee Covey, and Doug Conant on Leadership in 2023

  • Differentiate Yourself as a Leader: 4 Ways to Challenge the Status Quo

  • The power of incremental momentum

  • [German only] Führungskräfte empfehlen: Diese Business-Bücher solltest du 2023 lesen

  • How trees make oxygen, and other ways they are vital to human existence

  • What Santa Gets Right About Workplace Culture

  • 10 Ways To Spot A Truly Exceptional Employee

[19-Dec-22] Interesting insights

Never thought about the size and the numbers

"Hypothetically, if India’s states were to all became countries today, they would take up half the spots in a ranking of the world’s top 20 most populous countries."

When you look at the numbers you will realize that a lot of countries would fit into the whole population of India. I am working with Indian teams for a lot of time already, but did never take this perspective. You can always learn new stuff, when you are ready to change.

Find a 3.5 minute video summary of the book at Managing Transition William Bridges by Constance Jenkins Pritchard.

Our Sprint-4 Demo today was a great success and we could show a lot of progress on our journey until 09-Jan-23. Tomorrow we will finish the year with a 1-hour get-together, to recap our accomplishments, to celebrate the good work a little bit and to get aligned for our way forward in 2023.

[18-Dec-22] My week 50-2022 summary

911 visitors between 12- and 18-Dec-22

10 days running on the new Blog platform now. I still have to get used to the missing counter and the different way used as basis for their Statistics page, but on the other side there is still a lot of new functionality to explore and to be used in the future. We will see ...

The new World Cup winner is Argentina, congratulations after 36 years again, and Morocco the surprise team from Africa finally finished on the 4th place of 32 teams, respect!!

Just two days work left next week then I start my Christmas holiday until 06-Jan-23, looking forward to it. Before that we have our Sprint-4 demo tomorrow, where we present the current status of our Proof of Concept for the first time. We still have time left until 09-Jan-23 to finish it, but it will be a great 1st milestone for the teams as well as the stakeholders to see how far we did come until now. Will be a lot of pressure, but also fun and satisfaction, we will find out.

On Tuesday we will celebrate the first year of our Agile Release Train (ART) in a before the year end come together with the whole team. We will do a short summary of the accomplishments so far, maybe the outcome of the demo tomorrow and an outlook for the next year. When we deliver to our commitments, we will have a great future in the comming years.

We had an interesting discussion about our Christmas tree for this year today. It was quicky clear that we will go for a sustainable solution that does mean no real tree and not one in a flower pot with roots anymore, as the last two one we had did not survive after Christmas. We will put a light chain on the tree we have on our balcony anyway and did discuss about putting pictures of previous year Christmas trees on the balcony door in the form of a tree as our 1st idea. In the end it will be a tree out of piled books, all the ones that had been read during 2022. For more ideas see 20 Alternative DIY Christmas Tree Ideas.

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[17-Dec-22] Change is possible ...

More options mean more opportunites to select from, but also being open for change !!

I had to update my Blog post from yesterday this morning, as the order of text and pictures did not make sense while reading it on a mobile phone. Luckily the new Blog hosting company is offering a dedicated format option for mobile phones. I used the new option and now everything is fine. Going forward I will always check the mobile phone formatting, to be sure that every reader gets the best possible experience of my posts, because 75% of the overall readers of my Blog use a mobile phone to do it. Thanks a lot to the really detailed Statistics part at one.com.

With respect to the counter I finally decided to go with the standard Statistics page of my hosting company. Might not be perfect solution and comparable to the previous use of the counter on the old hosting platform, BUT I have to be open to be changed :-) and this is, what I do.

The Statistics page counts Total visits on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis, starting on 08-Dec-22 when the domain was migrated. According to the definition below a good compromise from my perspective.

"Visit - A visit is a continuous browsing event with no more than a 15 minute break between requests. The requests must come from the same browser and the same IP. So, as long as a visitor clicks somewhere on your site every 15 minutes, it is counted within the same visit. If the visitor doesn't do anything for more than 15 minutes and then clicks again, this is counted as new visit."

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift... that's why they call it the present!” -- Master Oogway

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Post updated 17-Dec-22 to have proper order on mobile phones

[16-Dec-22] Do you get this joke?

Just a matter of interest or age ...

When you like cartoons, but never heard about The Roadrunner and the Coyote from The Looney Tunes before, this joke might be hard to understand?

"The Acme Corporation is a corporation that features prominently in the Road Runner/Wile E. Coyote cartoons as a running gag featuring outlandish products that fail or backfire catastrophically at the worst possible times." - so much about ACME ...

In summary the key point in communication is, be aware of your audience and their diversity types, not only with respect to age :-) 

Yesterday we have been to an improvisation theater directly after work. Was a lot of fun and really interesting to see, what kind of strategies are used between the actors to survive with the unknown and unexpected topics coming from the audience. You must have a lot of different skills to handle these kind of situations.

We had a communication topic as well at work this week. How to best present something to a larger audience, coming from different countries, with different languages and a diverse list of cultures, skillsets and interests.

The story line should be easy to understand and follow, besides pictures or icons/logos the text has to be simple, but not too simple. And you should avoid words or phrases that trigger a negative perception or mood in the audience. Everybody will immediately jump to conclusions, biases or prejudices, if they like it or not and if they are aware about it or not either. Using Nonviolent Communication and wording for example could be one of many approaches to be taken? It is already clear that you need to spend much more time on the proper selection of words, to be successful with the message you wan to send. Have a great weekend, already the last one before Christmas!!

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[14-Dec-22] Making it more or less easy ... 

Busy times, a video and picture will tell the story.


                                                                                                                                            Source Youtube: Why you should define your fears instead of your goals | Tim Ferriss

[13-Dec-22] Room for improvement ... 

Perfection is a terrible measure of Good Enough.

Applying the Pareto Principle (The 80-20 Rule) you should be pretty good already (80%) with 20% of your effort. The remaining 20% to "perfection" will need another 80% of effort that you should better spend on other tasks. So do not fill the room for improvement up to 100%, just try to come to a good balance of Speed, Cost and Quality.

I had an interesting and positive discussion with the one.com service desk team today, the company offers a chat bot and real people chat support after some time. My Blog was not visible on my company computer and we did find out in the end that it was related to using the VPN connection. Switching it off and on again fixed the issue.

As part of the discussion and investigation for the root cause I found a detailed Statistics page offered for my domain and it shows really interesting details. My mother will like this a lot as she was always asking, where all the readers of my Blog are coming from. Since the Blog hosting provider migration on 08-Dec-22 the system counted 909 readers, you can see the distribution by country below, just the top 10 list to start with. A lot of the USA States are coming up in separate lines so the total is around 48% in the last 5 days . Cool stuff.

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[12-Dec-22] 21st-century skills

Getting more clarity about, what you can and need for the future

When you want to better understand your status quo, a personality test might be a good starting point. I have a list of tests available at the bottom of the "My new business" page. Have a look and give it a try.

To find out required skills for the future, here some examples:

  • Top 16 Essential Soft Skills For The Future Of Work

  • The Top 10 Most In-Demand Skills For The Next 10 Years

  • 13 Easy Steps To Improve Your Critical Thinking Skills

  • 10 Most Important Leadership Skills For The 21st Century Workplace (And How To Develop Them)

And just in case you believe in good resolutions for 2023, get clarity about your status quo, the gap you want to close going forward and start to improve - YES YOU CAN.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain

Here some more links to start your week:

  • Build our houses the way we build LEGOS?

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  • Why a Career in Innovation Management is a Bad Idea. And What Can You do About it.

[11-Dec-22] The week 49-2022 highlights

Getting used to the new Blog hosting platform quickly

In the meantime the main topics are covered. The counter is up and running again and all past Blog posts are available as eBOOK download. Should be sufficient for the start, more to come in the next weeks.

The picture on the left shows the 2022 Tech Layoffs and in Germany our

chancellor just started a discussion that the baby boomers should not go into their retirement too early. If you did work long enough you can retire with age 63 without any financial impact, but we are short on talents and expertise already and still need them.

Not being attractive for young talents and loosing to much long year expertise and experience is putting a lot of pressure on the companies in the moment. Smart ideas are welcome to better balance this situation.

From my personal experience I do have the feeling that a lot of companies are not taking this situation serious enough, to be more flexible, initiate change and take new approaches. More diversity with respect to age, could be one of many?

Next week will be the last full working week before I start my Christmas holidays. So pushing the delivery of our Proof of Concept forward and slowly preparing the next PI Planning that starts 18-Jan-23 is on the schedule.

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Source Youtube: Having an Optimist Mindset

[10-Dec-22] Some quick updates ...

How I am coming along with the new Blog platform and other interesting details.

The new one.com platform did migrate my 1,850+ blog posts into separate pages, what always takes a lot of time during the publishing process. Now you can only go back until 21-Nov-22 and all other posts since 04-Jul-16 are available as free eBOOK download via the Downloads link only, see in the menu above. Give it a try and let me know your opinion. Thanks a lot in advance.

By the way the interaction with the one.com service desk is pretty good so far. I just got a hint, how to add a counter on the Blog again. I can even set it to any initial starting count I want. I will let you know, when it is working properly.

I am starting to use some of the new features that are available, like the two pictures uploaded today. Both are separate and directly linked to the source, if you press on it. More to come and to investigate ...

With respect to the two pictures that I used already on 03-Dec-22 a quick reality check. The Netherlands and Brazil are out on the left side of the Football Bracket, same for Portugal on the right side. England and France just finished their game and France made it to the next round. So in the end one team of the forecast made it to the Semi-final. Brazil will definitely not win the Cup!! But both teams from the last World Cup final (France and Croatia) are still in. We will see.

The biggest surprise so far is Morocco, the first team from Africa to make it to the Semi-final of a World Cup ever. Respect and once again the proof that team spirit and standing in for each other is much better than dancing around super stars like Messi or Ronaldo. Or did you know any player of the Morocco team before the tournament started?  

Lately we had an interesting discussion about how to best change the mindset from nearly 100% perfection - kind of a German thing and a basis for the Made in Germany slogan - to good enough. A little bit like the quote from Sheryl Sandberg

Done is better than perfect.” We are still working on the right selection of words, to get a buy in from the whole team, but did an interesting article to start with. 

Why Good Enough Is Actually Pretty Great

Besides that have a great weekend.

  • Book idea: Jim Collins - How the Mighty Fall

“Your life’s course will not be determined by doing the things that you are certain you can do. Those are the easy things. It will be determined by whether you try the things that are hard.” — Sheryl Sandberg


[09-Dec-22] What I can control?

When a larger company one.com is taking over a smaller competitor to host your BLOG ...

As a customer you have two choices, accept the change or look for a new service provider for your Blog. So a more or less acceptable migration path between the two platforms on the one side, or an unknown future where you first have to find and select a new platform, before you can even start to work again.

I did select the first option, but have to get used to much more possibilities to write and present something. The previous SimpleSite platform had a reduced portfolio of features and capabilities, not very flexible but easy to use. Less options make my life easier :-)

Now I have the year 2022 good-in-class features available and the big problem to understand and select the right ones. More design and presentation to compromise on less content is not my way. I will try to get used to the more look-and-feel capabilities and provide you with the content I am still happy with. Okay?

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  • What will be your biggest problem in 2023 and beyond: finding customers or finding employees? And what is your current strategy doing to solve that problem?

  • The brief history of artificial intelligence: The world has changed fast – what might be next?

P.S.: Until further notice or better information I assume that the counter was showing 1,109,000 with the final switch of my Blog hosting company.

New Service Provider

Since 08-Dec-22 my Blog is hosted on one.com

I will need some time to get familiar with the new environment and to proceed as you are expecting it. For now all articles since 21-Nov-22 are under "My Blog 1.0" the rest can be made available as eBOOK on demand. The counter is not visible anymore. I am working on it, please stay tuned :-)